We’ve been waiting for summer, well, all summer! Now it’s finally here it’s got us thinking about the effect summer, and more specifically the sun, has on how we think about interiors and window treatments.

It warms our bones and makes us tanned but boy can its bright rays have an unwanted effect on fabric and upholstery. So it’s worth considering how the light comes in to your room before buying those curtains, there are lots of other options out there. At Anna Morgan we offer an inexhaustible range of window treatments, ideal for controlling the amount of sunlight streaming through the glass. So here are a few ideas on how to dress your windows for summer.

Curtains with black-out lining and interlining

Not as bulky as they sound, linings have come a long way in the last few years to combine style and function.  Use a thermal curtain to cool a space during the heat of the day, or to warm it when the winter sun is out. Blackout curtains are also the answer to the daytime nap conundrum and can even be used to convert your living room into a daytime cinema. Because blackout and thermal curtains are heavier than standard curtains, once closed, they'll stay closed and let in almost no light.

Roman blinds

Roman blinds can be light and elegant, if curtains are too fussy and roller blinds too cold. Ideal for rooms where you want to let light in and show off any details on the window frame. Like curtains, roman blinds can be made out of pretty much any fabric but for rooms where you need to block out light choose a heavier fabric or add a lining.

Roller blinds

The cheapest option, a good choice for windows where you want minimal fuss or for those renting. Roller blinds come in a variety of colours are easy to clean and if installed under a recess can be completely hidden away when not in use.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds add dimension and perspective to tall windows and doors; because of this, we often use them to dress patio and balcony doors. Available in both fabric and vinyl materials, there’s sure to be a colour and material that meets the needs of your space. If you need to block light, opt for darker colors.


Perfect for rooms where you want privacy but at the same time allow daylight to penetrate. Sheers have come a long way from the frilly designs of old and a sumptuous effect can now be achieved with new fabrics. Consider using voiles in a double row of drapes or as a roman blind behind curtains to add a touch of luxury to any window. Be sure to make up the curtains closest to the window panes in the lightweight fabric to act as a privacy shield, whilst using a heavier fabric for the outer curtains to block out light when required. The layered effect will bring a cosy feeling to the room and provide insulation.

Wood slatted blinds

Wood blinds offer a touch of sophistication and come in a variety of woods and finishes which filter light beautifully when tilted. We tend to use wood blinds in living areas over bedrooms or kitchens, as they can feel heavy.


Shutters come is a variety of styles and finishes. We love café style shutters which go halfway up the window, these are a good option if you are next to a road and you want to maintain a level of privacy but still let in plenty of light. A great compromise, they look stylish and can also be folded back when not needed.

So here’s our starter for ten. You can also take it a step further and use a combination of window coverings which works well. If this is all a daunting prospect, let us help put some ideas together with you.

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