Paving the way for a new and exciting blend of tastes and textures.

The Silk Road opened up a world of intriguing and captivating delights. Linking Asia with the Mediterranean Sea, Sanderson Caspian celebrates the colours, chintzes, ikats, Indo-Persian and Ottoman designs that travelled along this historic trading route.

A glorious mix of cultural styles, Sanderson Caspian’s 13 wallpapers pave the way for a playful and opulent approach to interior decorating, fusing exotic influences with a fluid versatility.

Complementary Fabrics and Weaves collections are also available.

Caspian Collection 

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This beautifully proportioned pomegranate tree wallpaper is hand drawn and edged with a fine decorative border. A repeating half drop creates a striking picture frame effect and a hand printed look adds textural detail to this wide-width design. The Charcoal/Gold colourway features delicate metallic highlights. Available in three colourways:...
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