Window Shutters

We supply and fit window shutters for every size window. Offering superb control over light and privacy, they are an ideal solution either in addition to curtains, or on their own, providing a warm, insulating layer against cold weather.

Our shutters are an ideal solution for bay and long windows, offered in a variety of styles, sizes and finishes. We supply and fit the following styles:

Full Height

A flexible and popular style, these are single full height panels that cover the whole window. A simple yet elegant style that works on any window but gives a real wow factor and dramatic finish to patio doors or tall windows. Quite often full height shutters will have a divider rail. As well as giving support to the panels, it also allows you to operate the louvres above and below it independently so you can adjust the light according to your needs and create different looks.


Perhaps the most versatile option, two sets of shutters, one on top of the other, each operating independently of each other. With this style you can have the top open to make the most of a pretty view, and the bottom closed for privacy. This type of shutter works particularly well in bedrooms where privacy is a priority.

Cafe style

A stylish and cost effective solution as the shutters are partway up the height of the windows. This creates privacy at the lower level and allows plenty of light to flood through the top of the window. A lovely continental feel that looks great in kitchens and living areas.


Create a stunning room divider or cover large windows and doors with a folding tracked option. This option works well when you want to pull the shutters back to enjoy a garden view or get easy access through a patio door.


Traditional, solid wood panels that are suited to period properties with draughty windows as they give great insulation and privacy.

Our shutters can be made from solid wood, MDF and for bathrooms and kitchens, our shutters are also available in PVC making them ideal for rooms which suffer from excessive moisture.

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