Small Square Goatskin Stool

Each of our Goatskin Stools are made from real goat hide and solid hardwood legs. Each one is unique and different to the next. They make a bold statement piece or just a ducky novelty addition to the lounge/kitchen. 

Due to the fact this item is made from a natural material, colour and patterns will vary, for more details please call 01943 603 006.

£ 99.00

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Dimensions for the Small Square Goatskin Stool:

W:33 x D:33 x H:45cm

Dimensions for other items in the collection:

Small Round Goatskin Stool W:33 x D:33 x H:45cm

Medium Round Goatskin Stool W:38 x D:38 x H:60cm 

Tall Round Goatskin Stool W:42 x D:42 x H:80cm 

Patchwork Goatskin Stool W:38 x D:38 x H:47cm

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